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Tom Shapiro Bestowed Five Million-Air Awards

February 19 2013

Hall of Fame member, Tom Shapiro, was recently awarded Million-Air Awards from BMI for five of his songs. Among the songs which earned over 1 million plays were “She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart,” recorded by Tim McGraw (2 million performances); “That Ain’t My Truck,” recorded by Rhett Atkins (3 million performances); “Wink,” recorded by Neal McCoy (4 million performances); “Nothin’ New Under The Moon,” recorded by Lee Ann Rimes (1 million performances); and “When Boy Meets Girl,” recorded by Terri Clark (2 million performances).

Shapiro has had staggering success with 23 no.1 hits and 50 top ten singles. He was awarded Music Row magazine's Top Country Songwriter in 1995, CMA Triple Play award winner in 1995 and 1997, BMI Country Songwriter of the Year three times in a five year period ('93, '96, '97), as well as a fourth time in 2002, and NSAI's first ever Songwriter of the Decade for the 90's.