Keith Urban

Induction Year: 2023

Birth Name: Keith Lionel Urban

Birth Date: 10-26-1967

Place of Birth: Whangārei, Northland, New Zealand

Keith Urban grew up in Australia. Showing an early interest in music, he began playing the ukulele at age four and the guitar by age six.

By the mid-1980s he was making inroads into the Australian Country music scene. In 1991 he released his self-titled debut album in Australia before moving to Nashville in 1992.

Following a 1997 album on Capitol as part of The Ranch, Keith’s U.S. solo debut in 1999 ultimately yielded his first self-penned #1, “But For The Grace Of God,” in 2001.

As an artist, he’s earned four Grammy Awards, 12 CMA Awards and 15 ACM Awards. As a songwriter, he’s topped the charts with self-penned hits such as “Somebody Like You,” “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me,” “Days Go By,” “Long Hot Summer,” “Wasted Time” and “The Fighter” (a duet with Carrie Underwood).

In 2006 he scored CMA nominations for song of the year with “Tonight I Wanna Cry” and for single of the year with “Better Life.” In 2009 “Sweet Thing” was named SESAC Country Song of the Year, and in 2012 “For You,” which was featured in the film Act of Valor, earned Keith a Golden Globe nomination for best original song.


"Better Life"

(written with Richard Marx)

Keith Urban2005 #1 Country, #44 Pop

"But For The Grace Of God"

(written with Charlotte Caffrey, Jane Weidlin)

Keith Urban2001 #1 Country, #37 Pop

"Dancin' In The Country"

(written with Ross Copperman, Tyler Hubbard, Jon Nite)

Tyler Hubbard2023 #6 Country

"Days Go By"

(written with Monty Powell)

Keith Urban2004 #1 Country, #31 Pop


(written with Richard Marx)

Keith Urban2008 #5 Country
Richard Marx2010 

"I Told You So"

Keith Urban2007 #2 Country, #48 Pop

"It's A Love Thing"

(written with Monty Powell)

Keith Urban2000 #18 Country

"Kiss A Girl"

(written with Monty Powell)

Keith Urban2009 #3 Country, #11 AC, #16 Pop

"Long Hot Summer"

(written with Richard Marx)

Keith Urban2011 #1 Country, #45 Pop

"Put You In A Song"

(written with Sarah Buxton, Jedd Hughes)

Keith Urban2011 #2 Country, #53 Pop

"Somebody Like You"

(written with John Shanks)

Keith Urban2002 #1 Country#, 23 Pop

"Somewhere In My Car"

(written with J.T. Harding)

Keith Urban2014 #3 Country, #49 Pop

"Sweet Thing"

(written with Monty Powell)

2009 SESAC Country Song of the Year

Keith Urban2009 #1 Country, #30 Pop

"The Fighter"

(written with busbee)

Keith Urban w/ Carrie Underwood2017 #2 Country, #13 AC, #38 Pop

"Til Summer Comes Around"

(written with Monty Powell)

Keith Urban2010 #3 Country, #58 Pop

"Tonight I Wanna Cry"

(written with Monty Powell)

Keith Urban2006 #2 Country, #36 Pop

"Wasted Time"

(written with James Abrahart, Greg Wells)

Keith Urban2016 #1 Country, #51 Pop

"Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me"

(written with Monty Powell)

Keith Urban2003 #1 Country, #30 Pop

"Wild Hearts"

(written with Eric Paslay, Brad Tursi, Jennifer Wayne)

Keith Urban2022 #19 Country

"You're My Better Half"

(written with John Shanks)

Keith Urban2005 #2 Country, #33 Pop

Keith Urban

Induction Year: 2023