Buddy Cannon

Induction Year: 2021

Birth Name: Murray Franklin Cannon

Birth Date: 04-20-1947

Place of Birth: Lexington, Tennessee

Buddy Cannon was born in Lexington, Tennessee. He began his diverse career as a songwriter/singer/musician/publisher/producer/label executive in the early 1970s as bass player in Bob Luman’s band, later making the jump to play in Mel Tillis’ band and write for his publishing company. During their 11 years together, Tillis recorded several of Buddy’s songs, including the chart-topping “I Believe In You.”

Throughout his career, Buddy’s keen song sense has served him well in the studio, helping select and record hit songs for artists ranging from Shania Twain to Kenny Chesney to Willie Nelson, with whom he has written regularly since 2008.

Buddy’s credits as a songwriter include “She’s Not Cryin’ Anymore” by Billy Ray Cyrus, “Look At Us” by Craig Morgan, “I’ve Come To Expect It From You” by George Strait, the Vern Gosdin hits “I’m Still Crazy,” “Set ’Em Up Joe” and “Dream Of Me,” as well as the Sammy Kershaw hits “Anywhere But Here” and “If You’re Gonna Walk, I’m Gonna Crawl.” “Give It Away” by George Strait was named the 2007 ACM Song and Single of the Year and also the 2007 CMA Song of the Year.

"Alison's Band"

(written with Charlie Sizemore)

Charlie Sizemore2008 #1 Bluegrass

"Anywhere But Here"

(written with Bob DiPiero, John Scott Sherrill)

Sammy Kershaw1993 #10 Country

"Back In The Swing Of Things"

(written with Dean Dillon, Vern Gosdin)

Dean Dillon1989 #66 Country
Tracy Byrd1993 
Playboys II1994 
Rich McCready1996 
Vern Gosdin1998 

"Cheaper Than A Shrink"

(written with Bill Anderson, Jamey Johnson)

Joe Nichols2009 
George Strait2015 

"Dream Of Me"

(written with Jimmy Darrell, Raleigh Squires)

The Oak Ridge Boys1981 
Vern Gosdin1981 #7 Country
Mel Tillis1982 
The Special Consensus1983 
Jim & Jesse McReynolds1991 #14 Bluegrass
Alison Krauss2017 

"Give It Away"

(written with Bill Anderson, Jamey Johnson)

George Strait2006 #1 Country, #35 Pop
Bill Anderson2007 

"I Believe In You"

(written with Gene Dunlap)

Mel Tillis1978 #1 Country
Engelbert Humperdinck1979 

"I'd Rather Be A Memory Than A Fool"

(written with Larry Bastian, Ronnie Bowman)

Ronnie Bowman2021 #16 Bluegrass

"I'm Still Crazy"

(written with Steve Gosdin, Vern Gosdin)

Vern Gosdin1989 #1 Country

"I've Come To Expect It From You"

(written with Dean Dillon)

George Strait1990 #1 Country

"If You're Gonna Walk, I'm Gonna Crawl"

(written with Larry Bastian)

Sammy Kershaw1995 #18 Country

"Pyramid Of Cans"

(written with Bob Corbin, Jimmy Darrell)

Mel Tillis1981 
Mundo Earwood1982 #68 Country
George Jones1989 

"Roll Me Up (And Smoke Me When I Die)"

(written with Rich Alves, John Colgin, Mike McQuerry, Willie Nelson)

Willie Nelson w/ Snoop Dogg, Kris Kristofferson & Jamey Johnson2012 

"Same Place"

(written with Marla Cannon-Goodman, Dean Dillon)

Sammy Kershaw1996 
Vern Gosdin1996 

"Set 'Em Up Joe"

(written with Hank Cochran, Dean Dillon, Vern Gosdin)

Vern Gosdin1988 #1 Country
David Frizzell2002 
Melonie Cannon2008 
Melonie Cannon2008 
Randy Travis2014 

"She's Not Cryin' Anymore"

(written with Billy Ray Cyrus, Terry Shelton)

Billy Ray Cyrus1993 #6 Country

"Steppin' Out"

Mel Tillis1980 #9 Country

"Westbound Trains"

New Coon Creek Girls1995 
Melonie Cannon2004 
Mel Tillis1978 

"Whiskey Chasin'"

Mel Tillis1980 
Joe Stampley1981 #18 Country

"Woman You Should Be In Movies"

Mel Tillis1977 
Don Williams1979 

Buddy Cannon

Induction Year: 2021