K.T. Oslin

Induction Year: 2018

Birth Name: Kay Toinette Oslin

Birth Date: 05-15-1942

Place of Birth: Crossett, Arkansas

Death Date: 12-21-2020

Place of Death: Nashville, TN

Kay Toinette Oslin was born in Crossett, Arkansas. After her father died, she moved with her mother to Houston, where she later attended college as a drama major.

In 1966, she joined the road company of Hello Dolly!. When the musical returned to Broadway, K.T. remained in the cast. During the next two decades, she appeared as a chorus girl in musicals such as Promises, Promises and West Side Story. She also sang commercial jingles around New York and began writing songs.

By 1981, she was signed to Elektra Records and released two singles with modest success. She also had songs recorded by Gail Davies, The Judds and Dottie West.

By 1987, K.T. had moved to Nashville and signed with RCA Nashville. She scored big with her self-penned “80s Ladies,” which was named 1988 CMA Song of the Year, making her the first female writer to win the award. That album also launched the singles “Do Ya” and “I’ll Always Come Back.”

Her second album generated five singles, including “Money,” “Hey Bobby,” “This Woman,” “Didn’t Expect It To Go Down This Way” and “Hold Me,” which earned the 1988 Grammy for Best Country Song.

K.T.’s third album generated the hits “Come Next Monday” and “Mary And Willie.” She was named 1988, 1989 and 1991 SESAC Songwriter of the Year.

K.T. is a 2014 inductee into the Texas Heritage Songwriters Hall of Fame.

"80s Ladies"

1988 CMA Song of the Year

K.T. Oslin1987 #7 country

"Come Next Monday"

(written with Charlie Black, Rory Bourke)

Judy Rodman1985 
K.T. Oslin1990 #1 country

"Cornell Crawford"

K.T. Oslin1991 #63 country
Mary Kay Place2011 

"Didn’t Expect It To Go Down This Way"

K.T. Oslin1989 #23 country

"Do Ya"

K.T. Oslin1987 #1 country

"Drivin’ Cryin’ Missin’ You"

(written with Micheal Smotherman)

K.T. Oslin2001 

"Fool Me Once, Fool Me Twice"

(written with Bill Soden)

Dan Seals1988 

"Hey Bobby"

K.T. Oslin1989 #2 country

"Hold Me"

1988 Grammy for Best Country Song

K.T. Oslin1988 #1 country

"How Many Loves Have I Got Left"

(written with Jerry Wayne Gillespie)

K.T. Oslin1982 

"I Can't Remember Not Loving You"

(written with Al Anderson, Raul Malo)

K.T. Oslin2001 

"I'll Get You Back"

(written with Jerry Wayne Gillespie)

Charly McClain1983 
K.T. Oslin1989 

"I’ll Always Come Back"

K.T. Oslin1988 #1 country

"Live Close By, Visit Often"

(written with Kostas, Raul Malo)

K.T. Oslin2001 #53 country

"Lonely But Only For You"

(written with Charlie Black, Rory Bourke)

Sissy Spacek1983 #15 country
K.T. Oslin1987 
Anne Murray1994 

"Mary And Willie"

K.T. Oslin1991 #28 country

"Maybe We Should Learn To Tango"

(written with Raul Malo)

K.T. Oslin2001 

"Mexico Road"

K.T. Oslin2001 


K.T. Oslin1988 #13

"New Way Home"

K.T. Oslin1993 #64

"Old Pictures"

(written with Jerry Wayne Gillespie)

K.T. Oslin1987 
The Judds1987 

"Round The Clock Lovin’"

(written with Rory Bourke)

Gail Davies1982 #9 country
K.T. Oslin1988 

"This Woman"

K.T. Oslin1989 #5 country


(written with Rory Bourke)

The Forester Sisters1992 

"Where Is A Woman To Go"

(written with Jerry Wayne Gillespie)

Gail Davies1984 
Dottie West1984 
K.T. Oslin1988 
Dusty Springfield1995 

K.T. Oslin

Induction Year: 2018